About Shabhu Hachi


“Eat Better. Feel Better. Live Better”

Shabu Hachi is your definite destination to enjoy scrumptious and mouthwatering Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku. Since we opened our door in 2015, every month thousands of happy customer had come and spent their precious moment with friends and families here. Most of them say that Shabu Hachi is not merely an all you can eat restaurant, but it’s a home to their heart. Good food with warm hearted people.

As an All You Can Eat (AYCE) restaurant, we serve around 40 choices of raw ingredients for you to cook; such as imported meat, imported mutton, poultry, seafood, endless variant of healthy vegetables and mushrooms. Besides that, try our famous side dishes like Dorayaki cake, Takoyaki, Yakitori/Robatayaki, Garden Salad, Korean Kimchee, Sweet Cassava from Thailand and also our chocolate pudding as your dessert.

For the Shabu Shabu soup, Shabu Hachi’s great Chefs believe that an alluring broth must come out from natural ingredients used, that is why our soups are homemade and made from scratch on daily basis. There are 7 kind of soups daily made for our customer; Original Konbu (Most Favorite), Japanese Broth, Miso, Hot Miso, Tom Yum, Mongolian Soup and Authentic Herbal Soup.

We are continuously serving and bringing our guests nationally to have healthy food with flavors you are sure to crave. Your body is a temple, healthy food and your body are two precious assets that must be taken care of. Eat Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Whether this is your first visit or you are a longtime guest, enjoy your “New Home” we promise to make your dining experience memorable and the best value in town.


Sudjarwo Budiono
Githa Nafeeza

Djoyo Santoso